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Welcome to
The WOMB Initiative: 

Women of the Mountains Birth Initiative

You’re on a journey like no other, and WOMB Initiative is here to support you throughout the whole process. We’re known for holistic information and research that will help you gather vital resources for your journey into and through motherhood.

The path to motherhood changes us, and no mother should have to navigate this journey alone...


A group of inspiring locals who all have a drive to serve the women in our community. WOMB started with five Founding Members in July of 2021 and now have a wonderful seven-person Board and an Executive Director to insure the growth and development of this nonprofit organization. Together with many volunteers WOMB in successfully serving women in Coos County, Northern Grafton County, Northern Carroll County and have served a few women in the Eastern parts of Caledonia, Essex, and Orange County in VT. 

Our Mission

To empower and enrich the lives of all women through information, resources and community during the journey into and through every stage of motherhood.

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