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Women of the Mountains Birth Initiative

The path to motherhood changes us, and no woman should have to navigate this journey alone.

As we create a safe and nurturing environment where women can learn, grow, and connect...

Our Mission

To empower and enrich the lives of all women through information, resources and community during the journey into and through every stage of motherhood.

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Our Story

The WOMB Initiative started because of the growing need of women throughout different points during their pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum seeking support and information about procedures, choices, and the journey of motherhood.

You wouldn't climb a mountain without a backpack.

We, in the North Country of NH, all know that you wouldn't climb a mountain without a backpack full of resources. We at the WOMB Initiative feel that your perinatal time should be viewed as a journey into and through motherhood, and you shouldn't be empty-handed.  

Let us help you by filling your metaphorical backpacks full of resources for your journey. We serve young maidens, new and experienced mothers, and those who are in their wise years. 

Our Vision

That pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum are honored and respected as pieces of a sacred journey.

You’re on a journey like no other, and WOMB Initiative is here to support you throughout the whole process. We’re known for holistic information and research that will help you gather vital resources for your journey into and through motherhood.

Why We Need WOMB

The rate of Maternal Mortality in the U.S. is on the rise. WOMB was designed to help equip mothers with the resources they need for a safer pregnancy and birth.

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Want to share some good in our world?

Donate or volunteer in other ways to help us keep most of our services free + help those mamas who need our resources!




""WOMB Initiative events have given me so much. After attending the Birth Story Circles and Mindful Mama Community gatherings my cup has felt so full. I've made connections with mamas in my local area and it's helpful to have other strong women to share in the struggles of motherhood. I believe WOMB is changing the way we mother in the North Country and offering mamas the community we desperately need."

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