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Why WOMB is needed in the North Country?

Rural families and communities in northern New Hampshire have been burdened by the closures of three out of the North Country’s five labor and delivery units in the region; and over the past 12-15 years, about a third of New Hampshire Labor and Delivery units statewide have also closed. These closures have resulted in increased drive times which ultimately translated into a decline in the number of prenatal and postnatal visits women would attend, leaving little time for information and resources for holistic care. These closures also naturally resulted in a new lack of perinatal supports to provide guidance regarding informed decision making around their birth and all other aspects of maternity care. The North Country was certainly no stranger to the lack of access to comprehensive holistic support systems prior to these closures, however recently the problem has been exacerbated enough to be recognized by individuals seeking and providing maternity care throughout the region. WOMB will significantly increase access to holistic perinatal resources and support by providing education, one-on-one consultations, and opportunities for mothers and families to connect through group gatherings across the North Country.



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