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On-Call Doula Program

WOMB Doulas will offer emotional, physical, and informational support to women interested in having an extra support person at their birth.


The doula will offer support based on what the mother/partner believe is best for their birthing experience and baby.

WOMB is currently designing a program structure to best serve the Doulas and women of the North Country, using a community-based three-day Doula training, designed by the region’sHomebirth Midwife.

Anticipated Program Structure

If you are a doula or interested in being a doula serving Northern Grafton & Coos County, NH or the Northeast Kingdom of VT please email or call 603-684-8635 to learn more about how to be involved in launching this program with WOMB!

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WOMB is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where women can learn, grow, and connect. Through community and training, WOMB will bring goodness and the best of our maternal wisdom to heal, educate, and unite by offering the supportive community women and children need during this critical stage of their lives! So join us, because when women feel connected and informed, it leads to healthier outcomes for them, for their babies, and for all of us.

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